A love letter to “Almost Famous” on its 20th anniversary

There are songs that attach themselves to us with a sticky, uncomfortable permanence. They stick to us like splotches of chewing gum along a sidewalk you once vandalized with chalk. They play on repeat like a ballad you once slow-danced to.

For a generation aimlessly searching for meaning in the…

One writer’s attempt to explain Lana Del Rey’s “question for the culture”

Lana Del Rey is the kind of pop star (and feminist) who Liz Phair said she had hoped to inspire. Del Rey would define her feminism as, “a woman who feels free enough to do whatever she wants.” It is precisely this definition of feminism that has made Del Rey…

A study of the racial humor contained in one of America’s most compelling family sitcoms

Every character in F is for Family occupies a room inside America’s tragicomic psych ward of gap-toothed bullies, racist pancake houses, chauvinistic action stars, and dads with enough emotional baggage to crash airplanes.

The result is absurdist humor that revisits the sewage that once spewed across suburbia’s fumigated landscape. Like…

In his new special, the comedian speaks up and draws the ire of his critics

According to Nietzsche, maximum nihilism is reached in the overthrow of old systems by actions that amount to total destruction; to be nihilistic, one must lack the capacity to go beyond obliteration. This is one interpretation of Nietzsche. At least since Lenny Bruce’s obscenity trial, this has been the role…

Art Tavana

“Cowboys are my weakness.” — Pam Houston

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